UK UniTour 2012年1月份英國名校聯展轟動台北


Katie Mallon from Aston University
Andy Hammond and Wenwei Wu from the University of Birmingham
Jo Sayahi from Brighton University
Emma Weeks from University of Bristol
Dr Hazel Huang from Durham University
Alicia Butterfield from the University of Exeter
Caroline Wade from Loughborough University
Janet Cusworth from University of Manchester
Dr John Terry and Amanda Tilley from Newcastle University
Sarah Vande Velde and Dr Swee-Hoon Chuah from University of Nottingham
Erin MacLean from Queen Mary University of London
Anna Campbell-Colquhoun and Dr Simon Booth from University of Reading
Elizabeth Lye from Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Edgar Meyer and Richard Emery from University of Southampton
Beth Shotton from Stirling University
Tracey Hearn from University of East Anglia
Caitlyn Yu from Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton
Jenny Brannan from University of York
Dale Jarvis from University of Sheffield